Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Depression Era Project @ Atelier Bouwmeester/ Discussion with philosopher, art historian, writer and activist Lieven De Cauter 26/03 Register on time

The Atelier Bouwmeester hosts The Depression Era Project, a satellite expo of ‘No Country For Young Men, Contemporary Greek Art in Times of Crisis’ in BOZAR, an exhibition that brings together work by leading contemporary Greek artists whose work addresses the impact of the economic crisis on their country.
The Depression Era Project inhabits the urban and social landscapes of the crisis. It begins as a collective experiment, picturing the Greek city and its outer regions, the private lives of outcasts, the collapse of public systems and snapshots of the everyday, in order to understand the social, economic and historical transformation currently taking place in Greece. It seeks to do so with as clear a gaze as possible. It understands that entropy, disaster, uncertainty and insolvency are also states of mind, ushering us to an era where the notion of progress, the idea of growth and the reflex of looking forward to a future are no longer dominant modes of perceiving and creating in the world.

The Depression Era Project brings together 33 artists, photographers, writers, curators, designers and researchers. It seeks to stand outside the media montage and white noise of current public discourse by creating its own mosaic of images and texts. Its goal is the eventual creation of an artistic archive of the crisis and through it, a new digital and physical Commons, an ‘anti-screen’ and ‘sidewalk museum’ that would return its mosaic of gazes back to their places of origin.

Pavlos Fysakis, Pasqua Vorgia and Panos Kokkinias, all members of the collective, will present the project, followed by a discussion with philosopher, art historian, writer and activist Lieven De Cauter.

Atelier Bouwmeester
 Ravensteingalerij 54 - 59, 1000 Brussel, 26 March 2014 at 19:00

Please register at bouwmeester@vlaanderen.be, mentioning ‘small talk – 26/03’

"No Country for Young Men: Contemporary Greek Art in Times of Crisis", BOZAR, 26.03.-03.08.2014

“The Depression Era Project”, Atelier Bouwmeester, 26.03.-16.05.2014 (opening night: 25.03.2014)

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