Sunday, 6 January 2013

Anders Petersen 5-day workshop at Fotografiska in Stockholm 29/05-02/06/13


Join Anders Petersen for a challenging and inspiring 5-day workshop at Fotografiska, May 29 - June 2, 2013. It will be five intense days of doing, feeling and talking about photography. Each afternoon you will get a photo assignments that you complete before the next morning when the discussions and critique take place. You are expected to work hard, and to challenge yourself and your photographic method, under the guidance of Anders Petersen. This is not a technical workshop. The workshop is in English.

This workshop is about approaching photography from a subjective viewpoint where the images you take not only tell stories about someone else or somewhere else, but also say something about the photographer. But it is also very much about being bold and finding your own photographic voice (and eye) – working alone but besides and in dialogue with other participants and with Anders Petersen.

The workshop starts each morning at 10:00 am and ends at 4.30 pm. Portfolio reviews and one-on-one feedback sessions are mixed with presentations and critique of participants' photo assignments, as well as discussions on photography – all under the guidance by Anders Petersen. But your day does not finish at 4.30 pm - towards to end of each day Anders hands out a photo assignment and you will have until next morning to complete it.

The workshop is limited to 15 photographers. This class is for photographers of all levels. Attendees should bring their portfolio to the class for review. Prints only, no slides. Computer print-outs are fine.

Please note! For the daily photo assignments you will need a DIGITAL camera. The assignments are to be presented digitally, since there will not be time to process and print your photos.

Anders Petersen’s workshop is held at the Academy at Fotografiska in Stockholm, Sweden. All participants will share a small lounge where you can have coffee and tea and hang out with your fellow workshop participants as well as the participants form other workshops next door.
The price includes the workshop fee, lunch Wednesday until Sunday, and afternoon snacks.
You are expected to bring all necessary equipment (bring your laptop too, if you have one). You are also expected to make your own travel arrangements and find accommodation in Stockholm.

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