Sunday, 31 March 2013

Photo competition ‘Discover the power of wind energy’ until 5th May 2013

Wind energy is more than a technology. It captures the imagination, inspires, fascinates and captivates. We each have a wind energy story to tell – so why don’t you share yours with us?
Do you have a story to tell about wind energy – and are you creative with your camera? Then take a wind energy photo and write a text explaining what wind energy means to you.
Now you are ready to enter EWEA’s 2013 photo competition for Global Wind Day, and you might win a €1,000 Amazon voucher!
Whether it’s why you chose that particular shot, or why you think wind energy is the future, or that you simply think wind turbines are attractive, or maybe you work in the sector and want to tell us how you got there, the possibilities are endless. Explain why you chose that exact moment, motif and technical equipment, or tell us what your views on wind energy and your relationship to it are or send us a story, a short piece of literature, even a poem or a song.
Submit your photo and story now

Practical information
Dates: Competition opens 4 February and closes 5 May 2013 at 20:00 CET
Fee: There is no entry fee
Prize: €1,000 Amazon voucher for the global winner, €250 Amazon voucher for regional winners
Up to three submissions are accepted from everyone over 18 worldwide
Winners of the competition will receive Amazon vouchers as well as their photographs featured in renewable energy publication ‘Recharge’ and EWEA’s magazine, Wind Directions. In addition, the winning selection will be put on display in the European Parliament in Brussels as well as our social media platforms and website.

Find out more about the competition here


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