Saturday, 11 February 2012

Photography Exhibition "At Night: Images in the Half Light" Holden Luntz Gallery until 10th of March 2012

The camera was originally known as a 'dark chamber' in which latent images appeared inverted and in darkness. Ever since the birth of the medium, photography has been defined as a gathering of light and a bringing light out of darkness.

"At Night: Images in the Half Light" is an exhibition that plays on both the literal aspects of night and the metaphoric concept of darkness. Night can be a time of great mystery and hidden meanings. In Michael Massaia's platinum landscapes of Central Park, abandoned houses, and closed amusement parks light takes on an eerie, incandescent quality. The exposures are made between 2:00 and 5:00 A.M. with a large format camera that records and defines the light that comes out of darkness. His is a world akin to the theatrical pictures of Atget, in which the dramas of the day are given a respite. In Neil Folberg's "Celestial Skies" the heavens and the earth are displayed as thousands of points of light. We are brought into a photographaphic world inspired by the awe and timeless mystery of biblical landscapes. Folberg has used a scientific, high speed film to shed light into a world that literally expands into infinity. In the photographic work of Michael Kahn the waxing and waning light dissolves day into night. He has produced large, beautiful, expressionistic landscapes that are steeped in a mood of nostalgia.

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