Friday, 28 January 2011

100 Photos Reportes Sans Frontieres de Pierre & Alexandra Boulat until 27 Ferbruary 2011

Published by Reporters sans Frontières as a tribute to two of the great names in French photojournalism, 100 photos by Pierre & Alexandra Boulat and the Petit Palais exhibition show two intersecting views of the world, both passionate, disconcerting and deeply humanistic. Pierre's reports on the shantytowns of Nanterre in the 1950s and on the daily life of women in America radiate the same intensity as those of his daughter on Gaza and the sufferings of Afghan mothers four decades later.

Given the commitment it shares with the City of Paris to fight for freedom of expression and the defence of journalists, the Petit Palais is the ideal venue for this celebration of socially engaged photography.

With more than a third of the world's population currently living in countries where press freedom is unknown, Reporters sans Frontières carries on a daily struggle – as it has been doing for the last 25 years – for the right to information: to kill or imprison a journalist is to put this right under threat by eliminating a vital witness to the truth.

A quarter of a century, then, during which the world has changed: the fall of the Berlin wall and the democratisation of a large part of Africa mean that press freedom has gained ground – and yet the threat remains and the Reporters sans Frontières cause is still very relevant.

To finance its activities, Reporters sans Frontières has been publishing an annual album of photographs since 1992. 100 photos by Pierre & Alexandra Boulat for the Freedom of the Press will appear on 9 September 2010, with all profits going to the association
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